Syfy is laying all the cards for its upcoming small-screen adaptation of the 90’s classic slasher, “Child’s Play”.

Titled “Chucky”, the new series will follow a middle-schooler who finds a vintage Good Guy doll at a garage sale, which he brings to school. The kicker, of course, is that the doll is the eponymous latex-skinned killer.

As detailed by the YouTube channel 3C Films, a source close to the property states that the protagonist in question will be gay.

Syfy's "Chucky" series will feature a gay protagonist

Gender expression isn’t foreign land for the “Child’s Play” movies; in 2004’s “Seed of Chucky”, Don Mancini pulled a “Sleepaway Camp” twist with Chucky’s firstborn, Glen/da.

Syfy hopes to commence filming later this year in July, granted that the COVID-19 pandemic clears out by then.