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Are you obsessed with horror and sci-fi? Do you want to explore genre cinema and speculative fiction further by writing in-depth analyses and reviews? We’d love to hear from you!

Genre Nutters is always on the lookout for thinkers and storytellers looking to publish interesting stories around horror and sci-fi. You’ll be joining a friendly team of fellow horror hounds and genre nuts on a mission to start intelligent discussions about movies, television, and pop culture.

When you write for Genre Nutters, you get…

  • A new online family of cinephiles you can discuss movies with all-day-everyday
  • An editorial process that ensures your writing is spot-on and your voice unsoiled
  • A writing platform built for genre nuts by genre nuts
  • Access to exclusive screeners and event coverage opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with filmmakers, producers, and other key figures in horror and sci-fi media

Frequently asked questions

Who can write for Genre Nutters?

Anyone with a penchant for writing, horror, and sci-fi is welcome to apply. We’re firm believers that every single person has unique and valuable perspectives on art.

You don’t need to have a film or television degree to write for us. But if you have any sort of credentials, don’t hesitate to tell us about it! Bottom line: everyone who’s obsessed with horror and sci-fi can write for us.

What sort of writings are you looking for?

We’re looking for in-depth pieces on genre cinema and speculative fiction. This ranges from horror and sci-fi movies, TV series, video games, books, graphic novels, and more.

Will I get paid for writing?

Not yet, sadly. Genre Nutters is currently unable to consistently pay for its contributors. But rest assured that we’ll do our best to help open up work opportunities for you should you need it.

Write for Genre Nutters – apply here!

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