Following her appearance in the all-around successful revamp-cum-sequel “Halloween“, acclaimed actor and de facto Scream Queen Supreme, Jamie Lee Curtis, has cast her eyes on manning the fort behind-the-scenes.

According to a report on Deadline, Curtis is attached to direct a new feature film called “Mother Nature”. This bit of news comes alongside the announcement of her production label, Comet Pictures, partnering up with Blumhouse for a three-year TV and film contract.

“Mother Nature”, which kicks off said partnership, is centered around climate change. Beyond that, not much is known about the project.

Jamie Lee Curtis is set to make her directorial debut with "Mother Nature"
Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween” (2018) // Blumhouse

“I’m 61,” she tells Deadline. “And my motto now is: ‘If not now, when, if not me, who?’ I’m excited to have a creative home to explore my own ideas and others. Jason and his team have made me feel welcome. Comet is ready to bring these stories to screen life.”

Curtis starred in the 2018 “Halloween” revamp directed by David Gordon Green and is set to star in the planned trilogy, which continues with “Halloween Kills” and concludes with “Halloween Ends” – set for release this October 16th and October 15th next year, respectively.

Curtis kicked off her career with the seminal slasher “Halloween”, directed by John Carpenter in 1978. That paved way for more films like “Trading Places”, “True Lies”, and most recently, “Knives Out”.

Check out the trailer for the 2018 “Halloween” revamp below.