Acclaimed filmmaker and famed Stephen King disciple, Mike Flanagan, is set to turn King’s 2014 novel, “Revival“. The upcoming project follows the certifiable success of “Doctor Sleep” last year, which starred Rebecca Ferguson and Ewan McGregor.

According to a news story published by Deadline, Flanagan is working with Intrepid Pictures as co-producer, with the option of directing the film himself.

Stephen King’s novel is a decade-spanning chronicle of the lives of a minister and a guitarist, whose connection with one another start to link up fifty years after their first encounter.

Mike Flanagan is set to adapt Stephen King's "Revival" next
“Revival” by Stephen King

Flanagan is no stranger to Stephen King adaptations. In addition to “Doctor Sleep”, he directed “Gerald’s Game”, which opened to a warm critical response when it dropped on Netflix in 2017. He’s most known for his spot-on retelling of Shirley Jackson’s classic horror novel in “The Haunting of Hill House”.

Obviously, the “Revival” film is in infantile stages at the moment. So no other details yet, except that it’s moving forward.