Ari Aster is remaking Korean genre flick "Save the Green Planet"

Following the success of his sophomore feature, “Midsommar”, Ari Aster is sprawling out of the director’s chair.

This time around, he takes on the role of producer for the upcoming English-language remake of “Save the Green Planet”, a 2003 South Korean cult classic from director Joon Hwan-jang.

Per Deadline, Aster will co-produce the film with Lars Knudsen (“The Witch”) and CJ Entertainment (“Parasite”). Hwan-jang himself will direct the remake, working with a screenplay written by Will Tracy (HBO’s “Succession”).

To those unfamiliar, “Save the Green Planet” is an off-beat, black comedy-sci-fi mashup that follows a man who believes the world is on the verge of an alien invasion and sets out to save the planet by first kidnapping his boss.

Watch the trailer here: