Though production for Netflix‘s upcoming adaptation of “The Sandman” is temporarily halted due to COVID-19-related concerns, there’s no reason to abandon your excitement.

Taking to his personal Tumblr page, Neil Gaiman reassures fans that the project is moving, even if production for it is delayed. “It’s going really well,” he tells one fan. “Except it’s kind of hibernating right now until people start making TV again. The scripts for the first season are written, casting had started, directors hired, sets were being built.”

Gaiman adds: “Everything was ready to go into production, and then we moved into a pause. As soon as the world is ready to make TV drama, Sandman will move smoothly back into being made. In the meantime, we are taking the opportunity to get the scripts as good as we can.”

After years and years of trying (to no avail), Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus finally found its home with Netflix after nabbing an 11-episode series order from the I.P. The graphic novel is best described as a story about stories, following a metaphysical entity named Dream.

“The Sandman” has no official release date yet, but expect development once the COVID-19 crisis clears up. Gaiman along with David S. Goyer (“The Dark Knight”) will executive produce, with Allan Heinberg (“Wonder Woman”) show-running.

Neil Gaiman inspires confidence for the Netflix adaptation of "The Sandman"